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Key Responsibilities: Volunteers will register students for library cards and promote Mayor Buddy’s Book Club in 5th – 8th grade classrooms within Orange County.

Target Audience: Students in grades 5th-8th

Outreach Efforts

Outreach Venues: Outreach Specialists will focus their energy on promoting the Mayor’s Book Club where students frequent, such as:

  • Public elementary and middle schools
  • After-school care centers such as: Boys & Girls Clubs, Community Centers, and Afterschool All-stars
  • Charter, alternative, private, or religious schools
  • Community Events
  • Public Libraries

Outreach Activities: May involve staffing a table with information or giving a short presentation regarding:

  • General information about the Book Club
  • How to Register for the Book Club
  • What involvement in the book club is like
  • How to sign-up for a library card

The volunteer coordinator will schedule you to attend outreach events and give your specifics on the arrangements.

Outreach Objectives

Book Club Registration

Registering for Mayor Buddy’s Book Club is easy. There are two options for how to register, paper or online. The volunteer coordinator will provide copies of the print application.

Library Card Registrations

Having a library card is the first step to gaining access to tons of reading material and other services, such as downloadable books and music and online homework help. We would like every kid in Orange County to have a library card. Read Making the Most of Your Library to learn more about what you can do with a library card. If you would like to learn more general information about what the Orange County Library System offers, check out the Press Room.

  • Application forms
  • Requirements
  • Orange County Resident or property owner (exclusive of Winter Park and Maitland)
  • Parent’s signature is required
  • Parent’s FL driver’s license or FL ID number is required (with current address)
  • Please make sure that library card applications are complete.
  • Questions


If people are interested in learning more about the Orlando Cares Initiative or Mayor Buddy’s Book Club activities, direct them to these websites. Explore them on your own time to become more familiar with them.

Getting Ready for Your Outreach

Make sure that you have the date, time frame, location’s address and specifics, like where to park and who you should meet from the Volunteer Coordinator.

Checklist for Outreach Materials

Important to remember:  Application forms contain personal and confidential information.

Wrapping Up Your Outreach

Return completed library card applications and Mayor’s Book Club Registration Forms to your volunteer coordinator. You can also ask your Volunteer Coordinator if you have any questions about recording your volunteer hours or future events.

Volunteer Coordinator Contact: Cities of Service Coordinator, 407.246.3507 or orlandocares@cityoforlando.net.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can sign-up for Mayor Buddy’s Book Club?
A: Any students can sign-up to participate in the book club.

Q: When does the book club meet?
A: The book club will host an event to celebrate the conclusion of each book and to announce the next book. Check the book club website to find out more about upcoming events.

Q: What does the book club read?
A: Mayor Buddy will announce each book club title on the blog. You can see a list of the books which have been read by the club and find out the next title online. They are selected for a middle school audience.

Q: How do I get a copy of the book?
A: Visit your local library and check it out with your library card!

Q: When will I get my library card?
A: Library cards will be mailed to the address on your application once they have been processed.

Q: How do I get all of the kids at my school or organization a library card?
A: Start a library card campaign! We provide all of the information at http://mayor.ocls.info/library-card-campaign.

Q: Other questions?
A: Some people may have questions about library services which are not directly related to the Mayor’s Book Club. In this case, or if you are uncertain how to answer their question, direct them to one of these contacts:

  • Library Questions: Call 407.835.7323 to speak with a library staff member during normal business hours.
  • Volunteer Questions: Andrea Hendry, Cities of Service, 407.246.3507 or andrea.hendry@cityoforlando.net

If you have any additional questions which are not addressed above, please add them as a comment and we’ll get an answer for you within 72 hours.

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