New Reading Schedule: The Invisible Order

Our newest book in Mayor Buddy’s Book Club is The Invisible Order, Book One: Rise of the Darklings by Paul Crilley. In this story, 12-year old Emily sees something she can’t understand and finds herself caught in an ages-old battle between our world and the other world. Now Emily, her younger brother William, their friend Jack and Corrigan must choose sides. But will they be able to make the right choice before our world is destroyed?

As always, feel free to read as fast or as slow as you would like; but below is a suggested reading schedule to have you ready for our next End of Book party!

Week 1 (by 9/22) Chapters 1-3, through page 42

Week 2 (by 9/29) Chapters 4-7, through page 86
Week 3 (by 10/6) Chapters 8-13, through page 143
Week 4 (by 10/13) Chapters 14-18, through page 192
Week 5 (by 10/20) Chapters 19-22, through page 230
Week 6 (by 10/27) Chapters 23-27, through page 285
Week 7 (by 11/3) Chapters 28, through end. You’ve finished!
End of book party: Wed 11/7

If you didn’t receive a free copy at our End of Book party last week, we might still be giving a few away – so keep an eye out right here! Until then, you can borrow a copy for free from the Orange County Library System or purchase one at your local bookseller.

Get to reading and look out for our next Book Club survey and End of Book party on November 7th!

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