Rules Reading Schedule

Our newest book is about Catherine and her brother David during summer break. Like all twelve-year-olds she just wants to have a normal life but it’s hard to feel normal when you have a brother with autism. She usually handles it pretty well by coming up with rules to keep David from embarrassing her, but this summer is different…

Reading Schedule:

Week 1 (by 3/24) Rules for David
Read through page 28
Week 2 (by 3/31) If it’s too loud, cover your ears or ask the other person to be quiet
Read pages 29 – 58
Week 3 (by 4/7) Sometimes things work out, but don’t count on it
Read pages 59 – 88
Week 4 (by 4/14) At someone else’s house, you have to follow their rules
Read pages 89 – 112
Week 5 (by 4/21) Open closet doors carefully, sometimes things fall out
Read pages 113 – 144
Week 6 (by 4/28) Solving one problem can create another
Read pages 145 – 166
Week 7 (by 5/5) Pantless brothers are not my problem
Finish the book!
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One Response to Rules Reading Schedule

  1. Pina says:

    Yay, Cynthia! My boys are featured on both her blog and her site Cynthia is the best! What I areapcipte about her is how she areapciptes my kids she is so patient with them and she totally gets them and their personalities. She’s content capturing them just the way they really are. That means so much. Cynthia has taught me so much about being a mother on top of everything else and living in the moment. I love that she is helping me tell the story of their childhoods through her photography!